PFGE with LMP?

Andrei Popov andrei.popov at
Wed Nov 6 12:43:38 EST 1996

> Hello everyone,
> Has anyone ever used low melting point agarose for
> pulsed field gel electrophoresis?
> Regular agarose works well, but LMP gives terrible
> results.  If any of you have experience in resolving
> and isolating large DNA fragments from each other,
> please let me know how.

hello Stacy, 

the majority of the YAC-libraries were constructed from 
DNA-fragments separated on LMA gels. Yes, the resolution on 
LMA gels is a bit worse, but it sould not be "terrible".
Try to change the brand of the LMA; increase the percentage from (I 
suppose) 1% to 1.5%; decrease the voltage/increase the time of the run; 
and the last, but probably most important, set the temp of the cooling 
bath to 3.5C. There are other tricks, for example I found that 
increasing the thickness of the gel (whether LMA or not) makes the DNA
bands to run under a funny angle.

Best wishes


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