Source for Nonidet P-40 (was: Cell Lysing Detergent)

Frankster f.lee at
Sat Nov 9 12:50:04 EST 1996

Jenni <jaf at> wrote:

>Darren Tyson wrote:

> I have a DNA extraction method that calls for Nonidet P-40 as the lysing
>agent.  However, I cannot find a source in Fisher, Sigma, or Pharmacia.
>Does anyone have a source or catalog number for this detergent.
>> Sigma sells a chemically indistinguishable substitute, IGEPAL CA-630.
>> Catalog number I 3021
>> Darren -
>We regularly use NP-40 as a detergent in making extracts from cells and 
>in our hands substituting Triton X100 didn't work. ICN and BDH still sell 
>NP40 though.

Sigma also sells NP-40.  I think they sell it under the name Tergitol.
I think.

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