Purifying DNA from gel slices

Alison Reavley uzdb0017 at sable.ox.ac.uk
Fri Nov 8 08:04:01 EST 1996

Hi, I'm looking for a method of purifying plasmid DNA from gel slices
which does not involve phenol or any increase in temperature.  At the
moment I am trying electroelution but find that I am precipitating agarose
as well as DNA after the elution.  I need to get rid of this agarose again
without phenol or heating. I have also tried using Quiagen Qiaquick Gel
Extraction columns but have been frustrated by the small yield and I am
now using concentrations of DNA above those recommended in the protocol. 

Any suggestions?

Alison Reavley
MRC Radiation and Genome Stability Unit,
Didcot UK.

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