Immunoblot semi-quantitative at best?

Mick Partis mick.partis at
Fri Nov 8 07:08:26 EST 1996

Jeff Brown <jeffb at> wrote:
>I have read that Western blotting is best used to determine the presence 
>or lack of presence of a protein, and should not be used as a 
>quantitative tool.  The reasoning is that the antibody-antigen 
>relationship and antibody-antibody interactions are not a one-to-one 
>ratio. Also, homologous antibodies are not always available.
>Is this the consensus? Is ELISA a better quantitative tool?
>Thank you

You might also add the problem of accurately quantitating the amount of 
product in western blots or dot-blots when using chromogenic substrates, 
although the hardware and software currently available goes some way 
towards addressing this problem.

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