Steven Cohen sbc4 at PO.CWRU.EDU
Mon Nov 11 09:07:12 EST 1996

At 02:25 AM 11/11/96 GMT, you wrote:
>Generally RNA synthesis from DNA template is called transcription.
>But, RNA synthesis from RNA template can be replication and transcription
>as well.
>RNA (+) -> RNA (-) -> RNA (+) For RNA (-) -> RNA (+),
>is it transcription or replication process?
>Is RNA synthesis transcription?
>We need discussion transcription deffinition.
This is best understood in the context of RNA viruses. In the simplest
terms, RNA that is made to be packaged for new virus production is
replication, and RNA which will be used for translation ie protein
production is made via transcription.

This is more than semantics, as the process which generates these two RNA's
is often not the same. The replication process must duplicate the entire
viral genome without exception while the translation process can have a bit
more freedom. There are many more details then I can list, but find your
local virologist and they can fill in the details.


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