Nonfat Milk Powder & Western Blot

Stefan Beyreuther stefan at
Mon Nov 11 16:42:17 EST 1996

Hi Bionet Folks.

I'd like to use milk powder in a western blot instead of bsa (bovine
serum albumine) for the blocking of the membrane.

As far as I know nonfat milk powder has to be used for that purpose.
Here in Germany I could get low fat powder that still contains 1 % fat.

So the question is: What is nonfat milk powder? Does it contain zero %
fat? Or does it just mean to contain only 1 % so that the stuff I got
here would be ok?

Does anybody know? Or at least have an idea where I could get a hint if
not here?

Best regards

Stefan Beyreuther
Inorganic Chemistry Department
University of Heidelberg

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