Purifying DNA from gel slices

Nancy Linford nantzee at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 11 21:05:47 EST 1996

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, Alison Reavley wrote:

=>Hi, I'm looking for a method of purifying plasmid DNA from gel slices
=>which does not involve phenol or any increase in temperature.  At the
=>moment I am trying electroelution but find that I am precipitating agarose
=>as well as DNA after the elution.  I need to get rid of this agarose again
=>without phenol or heating. I have also tried using Quiagen Qiaquick Gel
=>Extraction columns but have been frustrated by the small yield and I am
=>now using concentrations of DNA above those recommended in the protocol. 
=>Any suggestions?

I use the Bio-rad prep-a-gene kit and I really like it.It is the standard
melt the agarose - bind the DNA to a matrix - wash - elute the DNA
protocol.However, It uses sodium perchlorate which seems to last longer
than the sodium iodide from other kits and produces DNA in high yield
which LIGATES EASILY. By the way, I am just a lowly grad student and not a
Bio-rad representative. 

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