Anyone know the best OD value for protein induction in S. cerevisiae?

jlight at SICKKIDS.ON.CA jlight at SICKKIDS.ON.CA
Tue Nov 12 20:10:28 EST 1996

As the subject line infers, I'd like to know the best OD value for inducing
an S. cerevisiae culture, which I'm using for purifying a fusion protein.
The yeast strain is carrying a GAL1-inducible clone, and I understand that
midlog is the appropriate growth phase for induction, just like with
bacteria.  However, I don't know what the OD for midlog of yeast is.  I'm
growing it in complete synthetic medium with raffinose. The culture
saturates at about OD600 of 6.  I'd appreciate any advice.  Thanks in
advance.  Jeff.

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