supF selection, pcDNAI-neo

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Tue Nov 12 19:11:58 EST 1996

On 12 Nov 1996 16:53:25 -0500, Ian A. York <iayork at> wrote:
>I've made a reasonable number of pcDNA1Neo plasmids, as well as other SupF
>plasmids (pCDM8, pcDNA1) and have not had the trouble you describe, so
>it's probably not intrinsic to the plasmid.  I grow the plasmids in
>MC1061/P3 and select with Amp 30 ug/ml + Tet 7.5 ug/ml, exactly as
>Invitrogen recommends.  

I have used supF as a tool to examine retroviral integration in vitro.  
These studies involved integrating a small linear DNA (supF flanked 
by 15 nt of viral U3 and U5 sequences) into pBCSK+, a plasmid from 

Integrants were detected by transformation into MC1061/P3.  In
this system, selection with [Amp - 30, Tet - 7.5, Kan - 10] (all 
values in micrograms/ml final) resulted in selecting for integrants
in one orientation.

Dropping the selection to [Amp - 20, Tet - 5.0, Kan - 10] resulted
in detecting integrants in both orientations.

The results and our interpretation of them were published as
J. Virol. 70: 3571-3580 (June 1996).

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