CMV - driven marker for stable expression

Riekeltje Koedood rkoedood at
Tue Nov 12 15:26:56 EST 1996

Graham Atherton (grggta at wrote:
: Does anyone know how effective CMV driven eukaryotic selection 
: marker genes are for deriving stably expressing cell lines, for 
: example in NIH3T3? I know CMV gives high level expression in 
: transient assay but does this level of expression rapidly die off
: after say 7 - 10 days? - Thus would be no good if it were driving
: a G418-resistance gene in cells under G418 selection for 14 days.
: Cheers
: Graham 

No experience, but I'm sure it will work. Using CMV in transgenic mice,
we found that it is not as widely expressed as in tissue culture. SInce
it is expressed in early endothelial cells in the mouse, we think it is
thanks to serum factors that CMV show so little tissue-specifity in vitro
(tissue culture). Therefore my bet is that it will be expressed fine 
over a longer time.

Marieke Koedood Zhao

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