need a protocol to do a Western blot for membrane protein from Xenopus

Michael Levin mlevin at
Tue Nov 12 08:12:12 EST 1996

    This is probably a pretty easy question, but I need a protocol for
isolating protein (making sure I get membrane proteins) from Xenopus
and probing it with an antibody (whether on a gel or just on some kind
of "spot blot").  While I know the overall idea of how to do it, I
haven't worked with proteins before, so I really need a detailed
protocol, which spells out exactly what to do - which solutions (and
how to make 'em), for how long, etc. If you have such a protocol (in
your lab's computer, for example), or know where I can get one, please
email me at mlevin at - I would greatly appreciate
it. Thanks in advance,

Mike Levin

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