protein fractionation ?

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Tue Nov 12 12:41:12 EST 1996

kjaer at (Svend Kjaer) wrote:
>Hi all !
>I need to fractionate cytosolic proteins in a manner that will 
>lower the complexity of a cytosolic protein preparation. I don't care much
>about the criteria used for the fractionation as long as it can be applied
>to small amounts of protein with a relatively high degree of reproducibility
>between different cell types.

Well, how much reduction in complexity do you need? Simple techniques 
like ammonium sulfate, ethanol or acetone precipitation will give you may 
be 3 or 4 fractions. Heat inactivation gives you 2. 
Ion exchange chromatography takes a little more time, but may give you 
something like 20 fractions. Alternatively, hydrophobic interaction 
chromatography or gel filtration could be used (the latter only on small 

Without more knowledge of the application, it is difficult to be more 

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