Request for phage display library

Sourav Ghosh sghosh at
Wed Nov 13 14:29:26 EST 1996

Dear readers,

  As part of my thesis project I developed a panel of monoclonal
antibodies to look at cytoskeletal proteins.  One particular antibody I am
interested in decorates microfilaments in epithelial cells in indirect
immunofluorescence.  I am very keen to find out what protein it sees, but
unfortunately I didn't have any luck with westerns and ip with this
monoclonal.  It is an IgM antibody.  I was wondering if anyone would
happen to have a human/mammalian/bird genomic/cDNA library displayed on
phage and would be willing to collaborate with me.  Any suggestions about
commercially avaiIable libraries or any tips about western/ip with IgM, or
ideas about other means to find out the antigen would be highly
appreciated.  Thanking you in advance.

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