HPLC solvents: filter-degass

Mike Berg 106024.34 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Nov 6 13:04:06 EST 1996

A unique all Teflon filtraton device has been developed which can 
filter and degass 4 liters of HPLC solvent prior to use.  The 
device screws directly onto a 4 liter solvent bottle and works 
with a vacuum source.  Fitration and degasssing process helps 
remove suspended particles which can harm delicate pump parts and 
clog HPLC columns and also removes dissolved gases (O2) to reduce 
baseline drift and improve performance in fluorescence detection. 
For further details contact Lazar Research Labs. Inc. by emailing 
service at lazarlab.com or faxing 1-213-931-1434 or viewing the 
Lazar web site at http://www.lazarlab.com

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