h-ras specific antibodies ?

Steffen Roth steffen.roth at rhein-neckar.de
Sat Nov 16 06:48:21 EST 1996

Hi netters,
we are looking for an antibody, which recognizes the human 'ras' protein.
As we have transfected a mouse cell line with human 'ras', the 
antibody must not crossreact with the mouse 'ras' protein. Does 
anyone know an antibody with specifity only for the human 'ras' ? 
Following companies, which have h-ras specific antibodies in their program 
but that are crossreactive with the murine ras: Oncogene Science, 
Seikagaku, Quality Biotech, Microbiological Associates, Santa Cruz.

    Steffen Roth, Mannheim, Germany

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