E.coli strain

Dave Smith davesmith at bioch.tamu.edu
Fri Nov 15 12:03:10 EST 1996

Thomas Broschard <Thomas.Broschard at esbs.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:

>Does anyone have the E. coli K12 strain KK2186.  This strain is 
>genetically identical to JM103 except that it is nonlysogenic for 
>bacteriophage P1.  The strain has originally been described by Berman 
>and Zagursky in a paper in Gene (1984) 27: 183-191 and is mentioned in 
>Jeffrey Millers's Handbook 'A short course in bacterial genetics'.  
>Please let me know at the e.mail address janel at esbs.u-strasbg.fr.
>Thank you in advance.  Regine Janel

We discovered JM103 was a P1 lysogen about five years ago--everyone
has to reinvent a wheel sometime in their life.
We cured the strain and now call it JM103Y.  If you are interested in
it, let me know and I'll see if we can send it your way.


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