ABI 310 Gene Analyzer

Przemko Tylzanowski przemko at sgi.celgen.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Nov 14 02:53:17 EST 1996

Joseph C. Bagshaw wrote:
> I am considering purchasing an ABI 310 Gene Analyzer for both automated
> DNA sequencing and a variety of genotyping strategies.  I would appreciate

we have it and, by and large, like it. We use it for sequencing only. It
is a very nice machine, that unlike ALF, does everything itself (not the
reaction but the rest). we got it about two month ago and, after some
teething problems, are happy. The thing that REALLY sucks about the
system is that it is run by Macintosh and MacOS is THE weakest operating
system in existence. Boy, is that machine easy to crash...
So, if you are not planning on using the Mac for ANYTHING else (even
placing it on a network is nontrivial since the communications to the
network sometimes affect communication with the sequencer itself....).
But other than that, with proper care, it is a nice machine for a lab
that does NOT do sequencing for living....

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