Prep of DNA ... followup

Sun Nov 17 16:00:13 EST 1996

Hi all,

Thanks to all those who responded to my post.  I wanted to mention a couple of
followup items:

1) Diluting out the DNA or reducing the volume prior to electroporation gave me
no arcing but the time constant was off and the transformation efficiency

2) I switched from 0.1 to 0.2 cm gap cuvettes, this essentially solved my 
problem in that I could now electroporate the same amount/volume of DNA as 
before but there was no arcing and the time constant was nearly normal.

3) I was careful to thoroughly wash the DNA with 70% after precipitation, this
may have helped to get the result in #2.  (A previous post had mentioned that
the problem is not the agarose, but the salt... I realize this but I wonder
if agarose *contains* salt?)

if agarose *contains* salt?)

if agarose *contains* salt?)

Thanks again,

Peter Barrett
barrett at

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