Screening of ESTs with cDNA probe

Joon-Hyun Park simplex at
Tue Nov 19 02:57:21 EST 1996

Dear netters...
I'm a graduate student majoring in plant molecular genetics.
Till now, many ESTs have been isolated and some of them were
characterized in our lab.
I hope to study the expression level of ESTs isolated.
ESTs were blotted on nylon membrane and I want to use cDNAs
derived from mRNA of several tissues as probes

1. How much DNA of ESTs will be blotted to obtain the best results?
2. Which probe do you think better, ss-cDNA or ds-cDNA?
3. How much cDNA ( or mRNA ) will be needed?

Thanks in advance......

p.s. I heard that these kinds of works were performed already,
   but, I don*t find references about them. If you know, inform to me,

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