Autoclaving Reagents

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Tue Nov 19 01:37:10 EST 1996

Rick Bright (rbright at wrote:
: 2) In making my 6 Molar NaCl solution, it did not all go into solution. 
: During the autoclave process, it spewed all inside the autoclave.  So, I
: need to know how to make it all go into solution and how I should
: autoclave to prevent the explosion.

I haven't checked this from the literature, but I recall that the
solubility of NaCl is somewhere between 4 - 5 M. So it is impossible
to have 6 M solution of NaCl. Atleast I recall that I had some
problems to solubilize NaCl for 4 M solution but I succeeded eventually.

When you autoclave solutions, do not fill the bottles completely.
Leave some space for the solution to boil (if it should occur) in order
to avoid spilling.

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