DNA from Whole Blood

Lo Wing Ip Anthony alo at b1.hkstar.com
Tue Nov 19 00:40:44 EST 1996

Steve Rose (MSJSAR at leeds.ac.uk) wrote:
: I have been given frozen samples of blood which have already had their 
: lymphocytes removed by density gradient centrifugation. What's left is mainly 
: Red Blood cells and Polymorphs. Obviously RBC's dont have any DNA, but the 
: POlymorphs do. Does any one have a method for extraction DNA clean enough for 
: PCR from these frozen samples?

	It depends on how robust have you been testing your PCR. I think
any standard protocol for blood will do. The simplest method is to use 0.1
ml of your frozen sample and incubate in proteinase K for 2 hours at 65 C.
Then phenol-chloroform extraction. Maybe a bit too dirty of fine works.


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