Autoclaving: It worked

Rick Bright rbright at
Mon Nov 18 21:49:55 EST 1996

Thank you very much to everyone who replied.  I got an unbelievable
number of responses, most very similar.

I used your ideas today with great success.  

1) I made a 0.5 M EDTA instead of the 1 M and added about 18g NaOH to my
1 L solution and it went into solution beautifully.

2) That crazy supersaturated 6 M NaCl was modified to a 5 M and went
into solution with a little heated coaxing, but worked fine.

3)  The BIG TEST.  The autoclave.  I made certain the slow exhaust was
on, I kept the lids loose, but on the threads and finally I sat the
bottles in about 1" of water in a pan.  Then.... I held my breath, well
not really it took over an hour to complete.  But... nothing broke. 
Everything worked and the solutions are still solutions.

Wow, this is the best newsgroup around.  I was receiving replies within
20 minutes of my post from all over the world.  And now I can move on to
the next step.  

Thank you very much to everyone.  I can't possibly write back to
everyone, but you know who you are and I appreciated hearing from each
of you.  I will hopefully be to the level (made enough mistakes) to be
able to help you in return someday.

Rick Bright
rbright at

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