DNA from Whole Blood

Mike Irwin bio-rad at inlink.com
Mon Nov 18 21:55:07 EST 1996

In article <56pn3n$dj0_001 at leeds.ac.uk>, MSJSAR at leeds.ac.uk (Steve Rose) wrote:

> I have been given frozen samples of blood which have already had their 
> lymphocytes removed by density gradient centrifugation. What's left is mainly 
> Red Blood cells and Polymorphs. Obviously RBC's dont have any DNA, but the 
> POlymorphs do. Does any one have a method for extraction DNA clean enough for 
> PCR from these frozen samples?

You might try Bio-Rad's Instagene PCR sample prep kit. There's a general
kit for about US$0.35 per prep plus specialized kits for whole blood and
dried blood. Catalog numbers are as follows:

InstaGene Kit:          732-6030
InstaGene Whole Blood:  732-6211
InstaGene Dry Blood:    732-6212

Sorry for the commercial post, but it does seem particularly applicable to
the question.
Cheers, Mike

PS. Keep an open mind but don't let the wind blow freely thru it.

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