reprobing NBT/BCIP-Westerns with ECL?

Rico Laage rico.laage at
Tue Nov 19 12:07:52 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

I  normally develop my western blots with NBT/BCIP with good results (I
have a  monoclonal 1.AB and a promega anti mouse -AP 2.) but in some
cases I would like to have the possibility to reprobe my membranes
(Nitrocellulose) wich naturely doesn´t work wit NBT/BCIP - so I was
wondering if it is possible to wash/strip the membrane and reprobe them
with ECL-system after performing the NBT/BCIP color- reaction.
any suggestions, advices, links to FAQs, protocols....are welcome

By the way, if anybody thinks he has some tricks about the
NBT/BCIP-protocol this could be the place for telling them e.g. special
blocking ceremonies- wonder chemicals increasing sensitivity- or steps
to speed up the procedure.


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