Wanted: "Good" buffers for pH <5.5

Hugh Goldie goldie at duke.usask.ca
Wed Nov 20 18:03:03 EST 1996

I need a buffer for enzyme assays in the range of pH of 4 to 5.  The buffers
recommended by Dr. Good in Methods in Enzymology and other articles list
succinate, but this is an inhibitor of the enzyme.  Acetate, citrate and
phthalate also either inhibit the enzyme or bind cofactor metals (Mg and Mn)
too tightly.  It is probably best to avoid compounds with carboxyl groups.
Phosphate, with pK's of 1.9 and 6.7, does not quite fill the bill --it also
binds metals significantly (Ka's of 1.9 to 9.6) for different complexes.

Please send any suggestions to me by e-mail.

Hughes Goldie, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
E-mail:  goldie at duke.usask.ca

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