Help: Desalting Oligos

The Great American Gene Company geneco at
Wed Nov 20 12:14:56 EST 1996

There is only one method you can use that will ensure that you do not
lose much of your DNA.  It is the subject of a short paper by Freie and
Larsen, in BioTechniques (1991) Vol 10, Page 420.  The paper describes
recovery of oligos in milligram quantities.  You should scale back and
rather than use a 900 mg Sep Pak, use a 250 mg or so.  We have used
this for years to desalt synthetic oligos and it works excellently. 
You can expect to lose no more than about 5 - 10%.

Mike MacDonell, Ph.D.
Ransom Hill Bioscience/Great American Gene Company

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