RNA purification question !!!!!!!

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Thu Nov 21 10:33:02 EST 1996

At 06:41 AM 11/21/96 -0800, Teis Jensen wrote:
>I have a RNA purification problem .
>I am purifying total RNA from mouse liver by using the "Guidinium
>thiocyanate-acid phenol" method. I have used this method with succes before
>in order to purify RNA from other tissues and cells. Now I am working with
>the liver. However, when I am precipitating the RNA using isopropanol a
>"snow weather" of a white material is precipitated. I believe that this is
>glycagon but I don=B4t know how to remove it. I have tried to solubilize the
>pellet in 5 M LiCl which also worked - but when I precipitated the RNA again
>the "snow" appeared again.
>Please give me some good advices.
>Hi from Teis
>Teis Jensen, Ph-D-student.
>University of Copenhagen
>Panum Institute; 22.5
>Blegdamsvej 3C
>Dk-2200 Kbh.N

I think the white ppt you are getting with isopropanol (or ethanol) is salt (LiCl), especially if you are adding alcohol to high LiCl solution. BTW, how are you being able to solubilize RNA in 5M LiCl?

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