AmpliTaq Gold

Ted Michelini tedm at
Mon Nov 25 01:04:16 EST 1996

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> Anyone have experience using AmpliTaq Gold from Perkin Elmer?  Specifically, 
> does it seem to cut down on background/nonspecific bands when used in 
> multiplex PCR?
> Thanks for your help.
> Jennifer

Apparently so Jennifer, but probably no cleaner than a good hotstart. Its
easier and no contamination worry. They use a heat labile crosslink to
inactivate the Taq pol until after the initial denature, according to
trustworthy rumors. There are cheaper ways to do this and hasn't PE/Cetus
made enough money off PCR already? I'd test with a good hotstart and see
if its worth it to go for the "Gold".

Ted Michelini
Institute of Molecular Biology
University of Oregon

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