in situ hybridization

Dr. A. Torchinsky arkadyt at
Sun Nov 24 13:20:55 EST 1996

Shi-Jye Chu wrote:
> Hi:
>      I am new in situ hybridization .I have one question: according to the
> method. we put 10 microliter probe over the slide and cover with
> a glass coverslip. then the slide was heat denatured for 5 min at 100 C,
> But I try  several times,  the buffer was dryed out. How can I prevent
> this happen ?    Thanks in advance
> S-J
Be aware to heat your slides before hybridization.I usualy denaturate my
RNA probe by
heating 2-3 min at 80 C and load immideatly on the slide (30
mcl).Besides I have found,
that coverslips from Parafilm better and simpler in using than glass
Probably,that will help you.
                                Be lucky ,

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