Staining agarose gels

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Mon Nov 25 23:17:37 EST 1996

>> @article{Santillan-Torres1993,
>> author = "J. L. Santillan-Torres
>>      and P. Ponce-Noyola",
>> title = "A novel stain for DNA in agarose gels",
>> journal = "Trends in Genetics",
>> volume = "9",
>> number = "2",
>> pages = "40",
>> comment = "methylene blue, toluidine blue, azure A,
>> and brilliant cresyl blue",
>> year = "1993"}

>I've tried this method, as it is described in the paper. What I got was
>a evenly stained nice blue coloured gel... No matter how much I washed,
>the gel didn't seem to destain. Eventually I went back to ethidium. 


Me too!.  Isn't it amazing how pretty gels are when they yield absolutely
no results (also applies to silver staining.  A friend of mine used to make
pictures with my overstained gels...).

Facundo Garcia Bournissen.

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