DNA Quantification

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At 05:02 PM 11/23/96 GMT, Edouard Lauzier wrote:
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>> I have extracted DNA from whole blood and have checked the purity using
>> the 260/280 ratio.  My professor then asked me how much DNA I extracted,
>> in micrograms.  Stumped as I was, I thought I would ask for a method or
>> equation that would tell me this.  A rough estimate is fine, is there is
>> an easy technique or formula.  Thanks.
>1 A260 unit of double stranded DNA =3D 50 micrograms/microliter ( single
>stranded =3D 33 )

There you go again Ed! Or, may be the above was an honest mistake (or a=

>Knowing your dilution, you can get the [ ] of your sample and then you
>multiply by the volume and bang ! it's done...
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