Seeking RNA assay

Bradley Turner bsturner at MBCRR.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Nov 25 10:36:29 EST 1996

Dear Bionetters,

I'm looking for a protocol or reference describing either spectrophotometric
or fluorimetric assay of total RNA in solution.  I would prefer something
alittle more sensative than the OD 260/280, and it would NOT have to 
differentiate between RNA and DNA since my samples should be pure RNA.

I tried a search of MEDLINE with RNA and acridine orange only to find that
most references were for the use of acridine orange for staining RNA in cells
for flow cytometry-I don't know if any of these methods have been adapted
for the simple solution assay of RNA.

And suprisingly, the Molecular Probes fluorescence handbook didn't have
anything specific along these lines either.

Thanks in advance,
Brad Turner

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