Western blot project

Nigel Walker walker3 at niehs.nih.gov
Tue Nov 26 08:55:54 EST 1996


Western Blots are also known as  immunoblots and are a  technique for
detecting expression of specific proteins, that have been
electrophoretically separated and transfered to a memmbrane, using an

They are used in almost every discipline of research.
I use them regularly  for the analysis of cytochrome P450 protein
expression. I would hazard that a western blot/immunoblot is being
performed in a lab somewhere in the world every single minute of every

To find specific examples look in any current scientific journal and you
will find an example of  a researcher using an antibody to detect a
protein (ie a western blot).

For more specific examples try searching  medline 


and type "immunoblot" in the text search field. You will get about 4000
journal articles in the last 2 years that have immunoblot in the text
somewhere. Go to a University library and let the fun begin!! :-)

Good luck

Nigel Walker Ph.D

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
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