2.4 kb PCR

Shehrebanoo Malik banoo
Tue Nov 26 22:14:27 EST 1996

Hi!   Try about 40 seconds  at 94 degrees for your denaturation step, and 
3 to 4 minutes at 74 degrees for your extension step.  This worked for me for 
a 2.1 kb PCR product with direct sequence primers, and for 1.8 kb using
degenerate primers, both on genomic DNA templates.

I've been trying RT-PCR for the same fragments, though, and it just doesn't
for me!  Would you please share your insight with me on that matter, since you
were able to get yours to work?

Good luck and thanks!

Banoo Malik
c/o Dr. Guy Drouin
Dept of biology, U of Ottawa

banoo at bio.uottawa.ca

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