Bailey's Irish Cream

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>+>I am desperately looking for the reference to using Bailey's Irish 
>Cream as
>+>a blocking agent for western blots.  I think it was in BioTechniques 
>in the
>+>1980's, but I cannot find it. Do you happen to know where that 
>article is?
>There is also a reference to using photocopy (Xerographic) paper in 
>place of the membrane.. gives reasonable results too from what I 
>recall from the paper. 

Yeah, wasn't that in Analytical Biochemistry?  I even tried it (once) at
the time but wasn't terribly impressed....

I've seen the Bailey's reference too - a neighbouring lab had it posted on
the wall  but its been taken down and no-one remembers what the journal
was.  Paul, please post it if you do find out!


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