How to show protein interaction?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Thu Nov 28 00:32:15 EST 1996

In article <01bbdcaf$2dc20c60$37019386 at>, "Thorsten Schmidt" <Thorsten.Schmidt at> wrote:
#Dear Reader!
#I have a protein and I just want to test if it forms dimers, trimers etc.?
#(The protein was purified by HisTag-Chromatographie and is in solution
#(20mM Tris, 0,5 M NaCl, 1 M Imidazol))
#What is the simplest way to do this?

To be *really* rigorous and to have conclusive results, different methods
must be employed. I'd go for 1) gel-filtration, 2) centrifugation, 3) 
cross-linking. Yeah, all of them. Just to be sure. Life is complicated. 

- Dima

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