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Wed Nov 27 03:20:06 EST 1996

jkellogg at ("Jill Kellogg") wrote:

>Dear Netters,
>I would like to make a file, based on peptide sequences in the Swis-Prot
>database, that would show the codon preferences of a single species, e.g. homo
>sapiens.  That is the program would be able to look at all the Homo sapien
>protein sequences and tabulate the usage of each codon.  However, I can't find a
>program capable of determining codon preferences and displaying those
>preferences.  If anyone knows of a program like this please let me know.
>Thanks, Jill
>jkellogg at

I remember a paper that does just this and is published wth each new
issue of the genbank databases I think.  I am no longer in this field,
but a carefully worded literature search should pick it up.


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