Storm vs Molecular Imager

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> I have used an older Molecular Dynamics instrument, as well as the
> Storm.  There are two things that I do not like about the Storm
> design:
> a) The phosphorimage screens are placed directly on the "glass" plate
>    above the scanning head.  Since these screens are heavy and awkward
>    to set down in a gentle manner, I am concerned that it is just a
>    matter of time before I crack/break the glass plate .....
> b) When the Storm scans, it makes a frightful racket, and the 
>    instrument vibrates.  I wish that Molecular Dynamics had found a 
>    method to dampen the noise and the vibration.

i have to concur with both of these observations.  perhaps you are not
aware that MD sells these plastic tabs to stick on the old style
aluminum backed phosphor screens so there isn't a problem putting them
on the glass.  we actually got ours for free when we picked up the

also, it should be noted that the storm (at least our 860) will also
do blue and red fluorescense in addition to reading phospor screens
and that the glass is there to support wet blots and gels.

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