DNA Quantification

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>> > At 09:20 AM 11/23/96 -0600, Rick Bright wrote:
>> > >I have extracted DNA from whole blood and have checked the purity using
>> > >the 260/280 ratio.  My professor then asked me how much DNA I extracted,
>> > >in micrograms.  Stumped as I was, I thought I would ask for a method or
>> > >equation that would tell me this.  A rough estimate is fine, is there is
>> > >an easy technique or formula.  Thanks.
>> > Is there a trick question embedded in that? Shouldn't a student
>working with DNA be able to do the calculation without resorting to 
>the net? 

>> By taking time to check a book....mmm...he should...

>Could we not keep answers constructive on this group?

>Ruth McMahon, PhD.

Then why don't yah, Ruth ?

Let me try (altho I am doing this without a text book, 
....uhm o.k..... Say you have a volume x and an OD260 = y
1 OD unit dsDNA is 20 micrograms per ml, by definition.

Then you would have (y * 20 / x) micrograms. Correct ?

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara
Inst Anatomy

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