Help to find Methicillin

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Thu Nov 28 13:04:00 EST 1996

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>About a year ago, i took the advice of some people in this group and
>started using Methicillin in my LB/Amp plates to supress sucker colonies
>and it worked magnificently.  now i'm out of Methicillin and Sigma no
>longer carries it (according to our purchasing dept.) and i can't find it
>in any other catalogs that i have. 
>does anyone else have a good source for Methicillin or a similar
>antibiotic (or another name for Methicillin besides what's listed in the
>Merck Index)?  if so, i'd appreciate hearing about them.
>thanks in advance,

I have exactly the same problem here in the U.K.  I was told by sigma that 
they are having problems getting hold of methicillin from America (ICN Flow 
also said the same thing).

As above if anyone knows of an alternative source please tell me

Thanks in advance


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