2 min/Kb for Pfu polymerase

Namgoong SUk wagner2 at users.unitel.co.kr
Fri Nov 29 09:09:42 EST 1996

> Hi, Netters,
> Does anybody out there can tell me why the extension time for pfu polymerase
> is 2 min/kb in PCR reaction? According to Stratagene Protocol, the extension
> time at least is 2 min/kb of PCR target.
> Is there any relationship between extension time and PCR yield?
> Thanks!
> Huang

Dear Khuang ;

I heard that pfu DNA Pol has a proofreading activity, 3'-5' exonuclease
activity. This properties of pfu DNA Pol may contribute the processivity
of the DNA polymerasing activity of these enzyme.

I have get a amplified PCR product (about 3.6kb) with 6 min of extension
time with pfu Pol. 

Suk Namgoong
Laboratory of Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics
Korea University

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