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Wed Oct 2 06:08:34 EST 1996

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>Dear netters,
>I'm starting a new lab and we're, as ever, a bit short of money.  I need
>to build a cheap UV transilluminator for my agarose gels 'till we get hold
>of some cash to buy a new one.  
>My question is:  Can I just build it with a couple of 320 nm UV lamps or
>do I absolutely need the filter (which is kinda expensive). 

Depends on your use. Overhead illumination would work but would be
slightly less sensitive. Maybe you can find someone with a cracked
filter that you can cut down for your own use etc. 

Whatever you do make sure you have at least eye protection and
preferably full face visor. For photographic or CCD use a photographic
UV filter plus orange filter. 

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Duncan Clark
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