Best oligo purification?

martin LEACH leach at
Thu Oct 3 17:01:34 EST 1996

depends on the need, speed, etc....

I know some guys...they take the NH4OH oligo soln, place it in a screw cap
tube and incubate for 30mins at 80C - yields enough dna for seqing/pcr etc...

on the other hand you could use the FOD version of the phosphoramidites that
deprotect in an hour or so....

high quality stuff....I perform a short TLC using USB's surepure TLC system...
take the whole mix....load it...and purifies away failure products etc...

this gives both extremes...quick 'n crude versus....longer but PURRRRRRRREE.

again...if you need oligos for gel-shifting...I'd perform the
latter....PCR/seqing perform the first....depends on the speed/need...



David N. Levy (levy at wrote:
: I would like to know what people think is the best, easiest and/or
: fastest way to purify oligonucleotides for use as probes, PCR primers,
: etc.  Thanks.

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