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Ion-free water for human consumption?

:-Peter obrien at pharm.med.upenn.edu
Sat Oct 5 16:04:47 EST 1996

In article <536295$o0g at news1.dra.com>, Milverneus Millerion
<miller at diamond.jcn1.com> wrote:

@--> DeIonized water contains no Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, or any other ions
@--> good, or bad, in it.  When you drink the water it is devoid of salt.
@--> Electrolyte balance, however, is maintained by the kidneys.  I have 
@--> consumed DI water from some faucets in some chemistry labs and prefer 
@--> its taste (or lack of it) to other waters.  I am not sure if it would be 
@--> better for someone on a low sodium diet than hard water.  Flouridation,
@--> which occurs in some places, might reduce cavities, however, I don't 
@--> know what other effects it might have.  As to studies I don't know... .

IMNSHO, deionized water tastes terrible.  I wonder if the lack of ions
creates a "taste" of it's own?  New Orleans water often wins the "best
tasting municipal water" award.  All they do to treat it is to draw it
from the old Black Muddy River, allow the sediments to settle, and to toss
in a bit of chlorine.  Mmmmm tasty!

To bring this back to science...

Are gustatory receptors ion channels? What part of taste is determined by
the ionic strength of a solution?   I know that olfactory receptors are
often GPCRs, but are any receptors for taste in the GPCR family?  

Perhaps this thread should wander off to another group?


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