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Ion-free water for human consumption?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de
Sun Oct 6 05:33:34 EST 1996

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:-Peter (obrien at pharm.med.upenn.edu) wrote:
> Are gustatory receptors ion channels? 

Salty and sour taste are allegedly transmitted by ion channels.

> What part of taste is determined by
> the ionic strength of a solution?   I know that olfactory receptors are
> often GPCRs, but are any receptors for taste in the GPCR family?  

AFAIK, no gustatory receptors have been successfully cloned so far. It
appears that sweet and bitter tastes are transduced by G-proteins:

        author  = {Stanislav S. Kolesnikov and Robert F. Margolskee},
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however, it is not clear how gustducin is activated:

        author  = {Michael Naim and Roland Seifert and Bernd N"urnberg and
                Lore Gr"unbaum and G"unter Schultz},
        title   = {Some taste substances are direct activators of
        journal = BJ,
        volume  = 297,
        pages   = {451--454},
        year    = 1994


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