Nested Deletions Kits for Sequencing

Joao Vasconcelos Costa jcosta at
Tue Oct 8 03:04:11 EST 1996

J. Pat Martinez wrote:
> I need to sequence a 10 kb fragment and will use a strategy based on a
> series of nested deletions.  I'm aware of two different strategies for
> generating nested deletions.  One strategy  uses Exonuclease III and
> Mungbean nuclease, and the other uses transposon mediated deletions
> (Deletion factory by BRL).  I was leaning toward the Exonuclease/Mungbean
> nuclease based kits.   Any suggestions on which manufacture to go with,
> such as Promega's Erase a Base kit or Stratagene's deletion kit.  Thanks
> for your suggestions.
> Pat M.

Nested deletions is one of my most frequent approaches to sequencing. I
have used successfully both kits you refer and I found no significant
differences between them. 
The same is true for what I use more commonly: my own reagents, which
are much cheaper.

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