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: >Hi Michael, I think you may have your strains confused. DH10B is
: >available from GibcoBRL and has nothing to do with cre. Don't you mean
: >BNN132? We have that strain around which we use to flox out plasmids
: >from lambdas. Let me know if we can help - I think Novagene sell the
: >same bugs.

: Novagen sells a strain called BM25.8 which expresses Cre recombinase
: and can be used to pop out plasmids from lambda vectors via Cre-loxP
: recombination. I don't know about DH10B.
: -Jenny

: (I am with Novagen).
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H10B(ZL) expresses the Cre protein to cleave the lox site on lambda ZipLox
vector to generate the pZL (a plasmid).


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