sequence is blurry

jose manaligod md jmanalig at
Tue Oct 8 16:40:57 EST 1996

I use FMC Long Range Gel mix for my 6% acrylamide gels and it has allowed
me to have sharper bands and a longer read.  

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> I've been having trouble reading my sequencing gels because the
> bands tend to get blurry after about 60-100 bases from the bottom
> and I can't tell if I'm looking at single bands or doublets.  I've 
> been running 5% acrylamide gels at 35-40 watts.  The buffer is 
> 1xTBE, except that I add sodium acetate to 1M in the bottom buffer
> after the gel has run about half way.  Any suggestions on sharpening 
> my bands would be grealy appreciated.
> --gc
> TheRoadToNowhere

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