de-salting prior to SDS-PAGE loading...

Richard Van Frank vanfrank at
Tue Oct 8 20:56:55 EST 1996

In article <siyer-0510961811450001 at>,
   siyer at (Arioch) wrote:
>hey all,
>           anybody know of a good protocol to remove the salt from samples
>before they are loaded on to SDS-PAGEs??  i have found out that hi salt
>tends to distort the way the bands run on the gel (screwing up the
>electrical field and therefore affecting protein mobility).  i found this
>one protocol that tells you to add 0.15% deoxycholic acid, incubate for 10
>min followed by addition of TCA ---> spin for about 15 min at 3000g --->
>decant all the TCA and resuspend pellet (containing precipitated protein
>with presumably no salt).  this however has not been too successful (for
>me) and still causes distortion of my gel bands (much annoyance).  anybody
>know of any modicfications to this protocol or other protocols that
>work??  thanks much...
>You might try microfiltration or dialysis on a micro scale.

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