Re-PCRing after gel-purification problems

Richard P. Grant rpgrant at
Wed Oct 9 10:42:43 EST 1996

In article <barry-0710961116360001 at>, barry at (Brendan) writes:
> Hi,
>    I'm having trouble simply Re-PCRing products after gel purifying them. 
> I use TAE gels and SpinX columns to gel purify first round bands.  Why is
> this second round not working?  Does PCR work with templates that are in
> Acetate (tAe)?  Any ideas....I'm stumped.

We routinely use QIAEX to purify from TBE/agarose with no ill effects.  
However, given that I'm currently in the midst of a large project, this would 
have been expensive for my 2-round PCR expts.  So I just cut the bands out of 
a gel, melted, took 5 - 10 ul of the agarose and plonked it straight into a 50 
ul PCR rxn.  Superb.


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